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miraDry in Milwaukee, WI

painlessly reduce excessive perspiration and odor

1 in 10 people suffer from excessive sweating. miraDry is the #1 most effective treatment for excessive sweating (aka hyperhidrosis). It is the only FDA-cleared treatment to use thermal energy to painlessly reduce the number of underarm sweat glands, permanently reducing excessive perspiration and odor. As an added bonus, miraDry also decreases hair growth in the treated area.

What is hyperhidrosis?

Hyperhidrosis is not simply sweating due to heat or exercise.

It is excessive perspiration that is caused by overactive sweat glands.

The causes of hyperhidrosis range from anxiety to certain medical conditions such as diabetes. Genetics is also thought to play a role, but the link is yet unproven. Regardless of the cause, the problem is the same: sweat stains and worry that people will notice how much you’re sweating.

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How can I fix hyperhidrosis?

Excessive underarm sweating can be embarrassing and ruin clothes. Deodorant and antiperspirants can only do so much to control underarm sweat in people with hyperhidrosis. That is why patients across the Midwest turn to medically proven treatments to reduce sweating, such as miraDry. This non-invasive medical treatment uses thermal energy to permanently reduce sweat glands and body hair.

How many miraDry treatments do I need?

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Most patients have between 1 to 2 miraDry treatment sessions. Each treatment session is spaced about 3 months apart. At Zelko Aesthetics in Milwaukee hyperhydrosis treatments with miraDry take less than 30 minutes to perform. A handheld device uses gentle heat to break down sweat gland molecules. A special built-in cooling system keeps your skin cool during treatment, so there is no pain.

What is miraDry aftercare like?

miraDry has no downtime or recovery period. Simple aftercare instructions are provided during your appointment at Zelko Aesthetics. Use of an antibacterial soap without fragrance may be recommended for up to 2 weeks after the miraDry procedure. Your provider at Zelko Aesthetics is also likely to advise that you stop using antiperspirant or deodorant for 2 weeks after treatment. Try to avoid wearing tight clothing to prevent irritation, as skin may be temporarily more sensitive for the first week or two after miraDry.

How long does miraDry last?

miraDry permanently kills sweat glands in the target area. Not all sweat glands that are treated will be destroyed, as the ability to sweat to cool yourself down is a vital part of how the human body self regulates temperature, so we want to keep some sweat glands. Since people with hyperhidrosis have overactive sweat production, the remaining glands are enough to keep the body cool. Once treated, the sweat glands are unlikely to come back.

Are there any side effects?

miraDry may have some initial side effects. These include temporary redness, swelling, tingling, and tenderness at the treatment site. Side effects should dissipate in a few days to a few weeks.

Is miraDry worth it?

miraDry reviews are consistently positive. It’s a treatment that truly improves patients’ quality of life. It is estimated to be effective in more than 90% of patients that are treated, according to 2012 data from the University of British Columbia.

With this remarkable sweat reduction treatment, you can finally take control of excessive perspiration once and for all. When life gets busy, it is nice to know you have one less thing to worry about. Excessive armpit sweating is no longer a source of embarrassment and discomfort, once you have the proper medical treatment for sweating.

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Stop excessive perspiration with miraDry in Milwaukee today

Dr. Timothy Zelko is an experienced cosmetic surgeon that routinely performs the miraDry procedure. miraDry helps patients that want to stop excessive perspiration, which is even more of a must during the summer months in the greater Milwaukee area. Contact our office today to schedule a discreet miraDry consultation. We have two locations in Greenfield, Wisconsin, and Naperville, Illinois, serving nearby Milwaukee.

Does insurance cover miraDry treatment?

Insurance does not cover the miraDry procedure. While it may be related to certain medical conditions, excessive sweating is more of a cosmetic concern. You may visit our Specials page to see if you are eligible for any cosmetic surgery discounts to reduce the price of your miraDry treatment.

miraDry vs Botox for hyperhidrosis

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miraDry and Botox can both treat hyperhidrosis. However, there are key differences between the two procedures you should know about.

Botox is an FDA-approved cosmetic injection that works by temporarily disabling the nerves that control sweating. miraDry is FDA cleared to permanently reduce sweat glands. While Botox is FDA approved for excess perspiration, it is not a permanent solution like miraDry. You’ll need to come in for Botox injections every 4 to 8 months. Meanwhile, miraDry is a one-time treatment that lasts a lifetime.

Botox for hyperhidrosis is hardly painful at all, but some people choose miraDry because no needles are involved. Instead, miraDry uses a thermal energy device to treat the target area. It is nearly painless. Another benefit of miraDry is that it provides hair reduction at the treatment site. It is FDA approved for this purpose, as well as to stop sweating. That makes miraDry ideal for the underarm area since the presence of armpit hair can increase sweating and odor at times. Botox, on the other hand, does not reduce hair growth. We offer miraDry and Botox hyperhidrosis treatments at Zelko Aesthetics. Schedule an appointment for help choosing the best hyperhidrosis treatment Milwaukee can offer for you.

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